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    Welcome to Ready, 5et, ROCK! Your Ultimate R5 Resource
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    Welcome to Ready, 5et, ROCK! Your Ultimate R5 Resource
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    Welcome to Ready, 5et, ROCK! Your Ultimate R5 Resource
    and the First and Only Official Fan Network!

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    Welcome to Ready, 5et, ROCK! Your Ultimate R5 Resource
    and the First and Only Official Fan Network!

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    Welcome to Ready, 5et, ROCK! Your Ultimate R5 Resource
    and the First and Only Official Fan Network!

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    Welcome to Ready, 5et, ROCK! Your Ultimate R5 Resource
    and the First and Only Official Fan Network!

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R5 3M and East Coast Tours

Published on November 14, 2012 by Kevin | Comments (0)

The R5 3M Tour officially kicks off this Sunday, November 18th in Madison, Wisconsin! Have you gotten your general admission and VIP tickets already?

The R5 East Coast Tour is set to officially begin on December 15th in Jamestown, New York during the Progressive Skating and Gymnastics Spectacular! Tickets are already selling out for shows on this tour! The Jamestown and Boston shows are officially SOLD OUT! Tickets are still available for other shows in the tour, but get yours before they also sell out! VIP tickets are also beginning to sell out, the Toronto show being the first! Get your VIP tickets while you can also!

No word yet, however on whether signings will take place following each concert, that will be announced as each show nears. We'll keep you all posted!

Also, just a reminder for everyone attending. General Admission tickets are NOT included with VIP tickets. They MUST be purchased separately and you MUST have one in order to attend the VIP functions for each show. Also, please note that EACH PERSON MUST have a VIP and General Admission ticket to attend the VIP function. If you are bringing a friend and/or family member they each must have both a General Admission and VIP ticket to accompany you.

For those of you who have already purchased VIP tickets for both the 3M and East Coast tours, you will be receiving an email with important information prior to the event, please make sure you check your email.

VIP package includes:

  • Sound check party (band will play 1-2 songs)
  • Q&A with R5, including a personal picture with the band
  • Exclusive VIP t-shirt
  • R5 guitar pick necklace
  • Signed 8x10 photo
  • Early entry into the venue

Below are some FAQ's provided by the coordinators:

Q: When will I get my physical merchandise included with my order?
A: Your merchandise will be available for you tp pick up on the day of the VIP Experience. You can disregard the shipping status on your receipt, as no merchandise is being sent to you in the mail.

Q: Who can pick up the package from the VIP check-in?
A: The individual whose name is associated with credit card used in the purchase. Be sure to bring a valid government issued Photo ID.

Q: What should I expect after purchasing a R5 VIP Experience?
A: You will receive a reminder email 2 weeks prior to your live event. This email will contain information regarding check in procedure on day of show. It is also proof of purchase so please bring a copy of your confirmation email. We'll email you the itinerary but please make sure to check the time on the website here. Please note that It's unlikely we'll be able to accomodate late arrivals so arrive early!

Q: What will happen on day of show?
You will meet the VIP Host at the main box office beginning at 3:30 pm day of show. Please try to arrive no later than 4:00 pm. At this time, we will verify your identity and distribute your VIP laminates. Please note these laminates do not grant access to any backstage areas, they are solely for purpose of pre-show sound check party and meet and greet.

Once everyone has been checked in and the band is ready for us, we will enter venue. Once inside you will be treated to 3 songs during the bands sound check. Photos are allowed during this portion of the VIP Experience. Once the sound check is over we will line up for the meet and greet and your photo with the band. You may take single, couple or group photos but there is a limit of one photo per VIP Experience Purchase. Please note you may not take photos during the meet and greet, there will be a professional photographer on hand. Once you have met the band and had your photo taken you will receive your gift pack on your way out to the pre-show merch stand. From here you will exit the venue as we prepare to get the show started.

Q: Can my child attend if she/he is under 18?
A: Yes, all shows are all ages! Please note a VIP package must be purchased for each person in order to attend VIP Experience, this includes chaperones.

Q: Is a ticket for the concert included?
A: No. You must purchase ticket for the show separately.

Q: What time should I arrive?
A: You should arrive for check in at 4:00 pm and no later than 4:30 pm. Your confirmation email will also contain the information on when the VIP check in opens and closes.

Q: Where do I go to park and check in?
A: Parking is not included so please check with venue parking lot attendant upon arrival about parking instructions. Check in will be located at the Main Box Office. Please have your confirmation email and Government-issued photo ID (Valid driver’s license, identification card, or Passport). Please be at Venue Box office no later than 4:00 pm on day of show to check in.

Q: Can I bring items for autographs
A: No. Please do not ask for any autographs. You will be provided with an autographed print as part of your gift pack.

Q: Can I take pictures during the R5 VIP Experience?
A: Photos will be allowed during the sound check party portion, but please do not ask to take photos during the meet and greet portion. However, some venues may not allow cameras as a general rule so please check with venue prior to show.

Q: Do I get to go backstage?
A: Nope!

Q: What if I'm late for Check in?
A: Please do not arrive late, as the R5 VIP Experience will not be able to wait for you. The show must go on! If you arrive after check-in has closed, we will not be able to allow you to join the R5 VIP Experience. No exceptions will be made.

If you have any further questions regarding the R5 VIP Experience, please click here.

To those of you attending any of R5's upcoming shows, have a great time!



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01:09:33 AM
R5 is awesome!!!!
07:51:57 AM
I love R5 so much! I have been a fan since 2009 when I accidentally stumbled across one of their Youtube videos. It will mean the world to me if I had a chance to win one of these R5 gift packs! I cannot really afford a lot of R5 merch, winning this would really make me happy! <3
09:34:09 AM
Really hope i win one this time
09:30:45 PM
Please give me the chance to win it!
04:05:06 PM
deseo tanto ganar!!!
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