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This board is dedicated to the amazing group R5, comprised of the Lynch family including Riker (who is known for his recurring role as Jeff the Warbler on FOX's 'Glee'), Rydel, Rocky, Ross (who is known for his starring role as Austin Moon on Disney's 'Austin & Ally'), Ryland, and the family's close friend Ellington Ratliff.

This entire website was created to bring all R5 fans together with R5 fans from all over the world. Together we comprise the #R5Family along with the group themselves. Let's show our support for them by spreading the word about this amazing band and continue to grow the every expanding #R5Family.

Talk about the group, the individual members of R5, media including pictures, videos, and others, any tours or other appearances, and pretty much everything else here! This is a fun, open, and safe environment for all to gather and talk about the group we all have come to know and love. You can also discuss the website itself, from feedback to suggestions, to issues, there's no holding back! But, just like everything else in this fine world, there are rules that have been established in order to maintain this fun, open and safe environment. We urge everyone to please read the rules before posting, as we have a zero tolerance of violations of any of those rules. The goal is to be able to talk about R5 or anything else, but nothing that could offend other members, any member of R5 and their management, administrators of the website, and others. Trust me, you will have a good time here.

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